SIO condemns Israeli attack on unarmed Gaza aid ship

01 Jun

By TCN News,

New Delhi: The Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) strongly condemned the attack of Israel on the Gaza aid ship convoy that was carrying aid to the war affected Gaza. In a condolence message from Istanbul, SIO President Suhail KK said the attack is “really inhuman,” demanded Israel to stop such activities.

In the condolence message from Istanbul, SIO President said: “It’s really inhuman to kill 16 unarmed people by open fire while activists in the Freedom Flotilla were from non-violent groups like Free Gaza Movement or Turks.”

An injured Gaza aid ship passenger being taken to medical assistance [Photo by]
He also appealed to all the peace loving nations and organisations “to create pressure on Israel to stop all these inhumane practices which are barbaric and brutal.” Israel is not allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza but only about 15,000 tonnes per week which is according to United Nations less than a quarter of what is needed. Countries must play active role in re-building war affected Gaza.

SIO demanded the Indian Government to revive the Nehruvian era India policy on Palestine.

Israelis held up a Free Gaza banner on the beach in Ashod [Photo by nytimes]
India was “strong supporter of Palestinian freedom movement but now ignoring Mahatma Gandhi’s pro-Palestine policy, present Indian Government repeatedly failed to convey its reactions in the strongest terms to Israel after any attacks on Palestine,” Shahnawaz Ali Raihan, National Secretary, SIO, said.

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