31 May

by  Dr Y Mansoor Marican, Ph. D

“If anyone slew an innocent, it would be as if he slew the whole of mankind.” [The Qur’an 5:32]

Jihad is not terrorism.

Jihad is not killing innocent people.

Jihad is not the strong bullying the weak.

Jihad is not collateral damage.

Jihad is not tolerance of oppression.

Jihad is not silence against injustice.

Jihad is not imposing your values on others.

Jihad is not a man-made concept.

The Jihad of Self-defense

Jihad is the struggle to obey the command of Allah The Most Merciful.

We are on this planet as representatives of Allah The All-Merciful and All-Compassionate to establish peace and harmony through complete submission to His commands.

Jihad is a concept of The Creator, Who alone deserves all worship.

All efforts in the way of Allah are Jihad.

Fighting tyranny and injustice is Jihad.

Muslims are permitted to take up arms against those who wage war against them.

Armed jihad is therefore permitted only in self-defense.

The retaliation against the armed attacks must be measured and proportionate.

Armed jihad is temporary in that it ends when the enemy ceases its aggression.

Muslims must move quickly to establish peace when the enemy seeks peace.

In Islam, showing compassion to the enemy that has been defeated or is seeking peace is considered superior to achieving victory.

The aim of armed jihad is to restore peace and avert more wars and aggression.

Muslims are prohibited from engaging in armed acts of aggression even toward their sworn enemies.

When others commit murders, their religion is never mentioned.

Islam is put on trial when Muslims resort to violence against political oppression, economic exploitation and the taking away of their land.

Muslims have a duty to explain the truth. Jihad is conveying the true meaning of jihad to Muslims and non-Muslims.

Today the enemies of Truth can destroy others without entering their territories.

They can destroy a country’s economy by speculating on the country’s currency.

Jihad is taking proactive measures against these ‘unarmed’ combatants in a manner that is tactically savvy and multi-faceted.

Jihad is seeking to restore economic and political justice and peace.

Jihad is acquiring knowledge and skills that will make it difficult for others to easily oppress and kill Muslims.

Jihad is fostering unity amongst the Believers in The One True Lord to strengthen the coalition to establish justice and world peace.

Jihad is to be vigilant against the attempt by others to make us define jihad in a manner that fits their ulterior motives.

Jihad is not responding in a manner desired by others that will make it easy for them to tarnish the image of Muslims and Islam.

Jihad is preparing for the jihad of self-defense and propagating the truth by winning the greater jihad against the evil within us.

The Jihad against the Enemy within

The jihad against the pull of the lower forces within us is a permanent jihad.

Greed, lust, vengeance and jealousy are amongst numerous types of evil within us that lead to misery in our lives.

Observance of the five daily obligatory prayers will shield us from shameful deeds.

Performing these well spaced out prayers at the appointed times will leave no time for mischievous deeds.

Fasting from dawn to dusk and doubling of good deeds during the month of Ramadan will reenergize our moral batteries to fight the lower forces.

Paying the annual poor-rate or zakat is a reminder to us that others have a right over our wealth and that we should care for the less fortunate just as Allah has been generous to us.

Through a combination of obligatory duties and other acts that please Allah The All-Merciful, Islam offers an integrated program of worship that strengthens our defenses against the pull of lower forces in us.

Success in this greater jihad against the enemy within is the foundation for achieving victory in the jihad against the hypocrites and the disbelievers.

Welcome to Straight Path of Islam.


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