“The Meaning of Al-Qur’an” as a present

28 May

Dear mister Mansoor,

I just found back the card you gave me in the Masjid Negara. You probably don’t remember me anymore (and maybe you still do), but I visited the Masjid Negara together with a friend in the beginning of November 2009. We spoke about Islam for about 1.5 hour on the floor of the mosque. In the end you gave me the book “The Meaning of Al-Qur’an” as a present. I wanted to thank you again for this book, because it helped me a lot to find my way back home in Europe.

I study Psychology. After my trip to Indonesia and Malaysia i discovered that I’m very interested in Islam as a religion and as a lifestyle. The day you gave me the book I started to read it. I didn’t finish it, because it was way too difficult for me, but I continued my Islam study. In Indonesia I spoke a lot with the people there and they even teached me how to pray.
Now I’m home again (in the Netherlands) and I found out i want to do something with the things about Islam I learned in Asia. As you maybe know there’s a very negative view on muslims in Europe and I feel very bad about that. In one year, when I finished university I would like to combine my work as a psychologist with my knowledge about Islam, so I can help muslim people in the Netherlands. So next to my Psychology courses i also follow Islam-courses now, to learn more about the religion itself so i can understand muslims in the Netherlands better.

So after this whole story I want to thank you again for the conversation we had, the book you gave me, but above all I want to thank you for your help to find something in my life that I really like to do and what can give meaning in my life. I’m not a muslim myself and I’m almost sure I will never convert myself into one, but thanks to you Islam now has a special meaning in my life.

From : Dr Y M Marican from Kuala Lumpur


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