Of the minarets of the Lord protected, to prevent the mosque minarets

21 May

Of the minarets of the Lord protected, to prevent the mosque minarets

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Switzerland artists unite against the ban minarets on mosques and minarets?
They are rational people who really
Lord of the minarets of the protected, to prevent the mosque minarets, I think you

Mosque without a beacon like houses of worship without a teacher. Monuments are getting to know the place and complete the form accepted by the House of worship in any religion. And had thought at first that they would oppose the minarets on the pretext aesthetics and harmony with the surrounding buildings. And we had some knowledge of the laws that control the Bank in the colors of your home and the high walls of your mansion in some of the Europeanization of the country in harmony with the aesthetics of the town. And used by these laws against some of the shortcomings of the owners of wealthy Arabs Boup for several reasons. Then I thought that the outcome of the referendum was not binding on the Government. I was surprised by this referendum misleading in itself, and the way passes, and how to circulate, and the strange and racist posters from the referendum. Then I learned that the choice of the people of Switzerland for this decision is evidence of ignorance or malice or misleading

masjid sultan ismail
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How? Let us think together: ignorance, hatred,
Misleading ,….. and what was the greatest hidden:
Mislead ,….. and what was the greatest hidden: The ignorance and Vlahzth when they met in a television program with Mr. Oscar Frisinger – Hitler as some call the new – a popular parliamentary party, which called for the resolution and Wisal and toured in his own words on the situation of Islam and Muslims and their Islamic law, what was I before the television and the guest of the Muslim – Dr Azzam Tamimi – in the program – on Al-Jazeera – but we agreed in one word (ignorant fool ..) and what is due, but a description. We have demonstrated our ignorance of Islam alien man answered. Worse, it may not know his ignorance and indulges in mixing things he achieves what he wants his heart and what is going on in his mind prior planning. And invalid conditions cited some religions in the Arab world like a threatening antibody contrario. We did not hear about the Arab countries prevented a religious teacher or deleted Beacon house of worship or ritual Tabdia this way, and that the referendum. Here comes the directory and the second is that Islam is a hateful and of the plain, and agreed to this vote. Why did not carry at the same time to vote on all the symbols and features of religions or other minorities? Why Islam only? And here comes the third evidence is misleading; Islam has become a scarecrow used by Europeans and Americans, they speak do not know what to scare people away from the spread of this religion, who is portrayed as obscurantist and portray themselves – Europeans and Americans – that they are Democrats. Welcome Welcome to democracy, either. And I believe by a bit of western democracy, when I read the definition of the site of the holy books side by side and warmed to that and noted it in my blog. Now I know and most are democratic West, which some countries Tnadt Europe Student similar referendum to prevent the mosques, while others said resent this decision may in good faith, and possibly to contain the crisis!. There is something going on in their minds and their hearts towards Islam. They are floundering. This confusion reveals the act and say. And sometimes I feel that these people are gullible as controlled by some political parties, including taking pictures of them and promoted.

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