17 May

Salsabila Yunan~a teenage actress

It looks like an exodus of our women to Lombok. These women are normal and they went to Lombok to follow their husband to be on their own will. These women are willing to do anything because of love. They went to Lombok to follow the man that they love and both of them have agreed that they will get married when they reach Lombok. Love is blind. When two persons, a man and a women fall in love, no power on earth can ever separate them. The love that they have toward each other comes from Allah and only Allah can disunite them. They are in love, they want to be always together, and neither their parents nor their friends can ever be able to convince them to separate. The solution to the problem when both persons are in love is to get married. When the couples find out that to get married in Malaysia is difficult then they decide to go to their husband to be native land of Lombok to get married. When they are in love, they never think of responsibilities that follows marriage. The Malaysian women that follow the men to be her husband and wanting to live in Lombok never have the slightest idea what will be the life in Lombok. Since they are in love both of them are willing to undergo, any difficulties even to cross the sea of fire.

After they were married and settled in Lombok, then only the Malaysians women knew about the real life in Lombok. One of the women that followed her lover to Lombok remarked that she can only eat chicken occasionally and life in Lombok is not as easy as in Malaysia. I have been to Bengkulu, Indonesia and I can imagine how it would be in Lombok. We cannot have the varieties of foods that we can have in Malaysia. The only drink that we can have is the normal tea without milk and we cannot have the varieties of drinks that we can have in Malaysia. There is no tea tarik, ice tea or roti canai and all the types of roti that we tend to have in Malaysia. Once these Malaysian women starts to realize that love alone is not sufficient to ensure her happiness then they start to think of their homes, Malaysia the lands with golden opportunities and their parents and families that they have left behind because of love of a man from Lombok. These women, brought home to meet their parents and families through the good work of Umno Youth and others and when they met after such a long time of separation with their families, certainly they were very happy. As a symbol of their happiness, they hug each other’s and shed their tears of happiness.

Why many of our women fall in love with men from Lombok and because of love, they are willing to leave such a country like Malaysia and their families and live in a poor place of Lombok. In my opinion, our women fall in love with men from Lombok because of the qualities that many men from Lombok have. What are the qualities that many men from Lombok have that make our women fall to their laps. According to science, women are attracted to words and men are attracted to shapes. In my opinion many men from Lombok knows how to talk to our women more than we do. Many men from Lombok know how to respect women and to talk gently with women more than Malaysians men do. Many men in Malaysia does not know how to talk gently to women and to give respect to women. I think many Malaysian men when they talk to women they talk as if they talk to men. Many men in Malaysia tend to treat women as their co-worker in their homes, expecting women also to work to support the family. Some men in Malaysia are even worse that they even treat the women as their workers, expecting them to work and to support the family while men are relaxing in the coffee shop.

The University or the Government must do research on reasons why our women are attracted to marry men from Lombok. The result of the research will shows clearly the reasons why our women like to marry men from Lombok and some action be taken to harass the problems. We cannot blame the men from Lombok as the only cause of the problem. Our women get attracted to them and they are willing to follow them to Lombok to get married. We cannot deny their right to marry men or women of their choice. Allah has destined all that to happen. What we have to do is to facilitate the matter and to prevent our women from migrating to Lombok. The parents of those women who likes to marry men from Lombok should not try to stop the marriage .There is no harm to advice them not to marry men from Lombok but in case they insist we must not stop them from marrying the men of their choice.

It is against human right to do such action as men from Lombok are also Muslims and in the eyes of Allah, they can get married to each other. The government should make marriage procedures simple and easy and to give men who married Malaysian women the chance to become Malaysian permanent residence. In case the government made this offer, many men, who married Malaysian women, would make the choice to live in Malaysia. In this way, we make a stop to Malaysians leaving the country because of wanting to marry men of her choice.

Dr.Nasoha Saabin
March 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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