I’ll meet you in Heaven, because it’s as easy as ABC

07 May
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As Salam Alikom (Peace be with you) my dear sisters and hola to all my non-Muslim readers.

Why is it that people think that ticket to heaven is so easy to get? Even as God promised us Muslims heaven, we can’t fathom thinking or saying,”Hey! I’m gonna meet you in heaven and see our Lord.” We can’t be arrogant about this, even if we (Muslims) are promised.

I just don’t get how people think,”Even if I murder, cheat and do bad things, I’ll meet my loved ones and God in heaven without any trial.”

Oh really? What have you done in your life to deserve the smell of paradise? You can ponder on that one.

As Muslims, we are told by God to only worship Him and no take partners with Him. Anyone who worships anything else will never be forgiven. It’s the gravest sin in Islam. If you don’t believe in the Oneness of God, then you are not Muslim. How can you ask forgiveness from a man? You can’t. No way, no how.

“The world is a prison of the believer and a Paradise for the non-believer.”

Think about the present. What have you done today to increase your chance of getting a spot in heaven? Don’t live your life thinking to yourself, “I’m going to heaven, because the Lord promised me.” Instead of thinking that, try to increase your chance of Eternal Life in the Gardens of Paradise. We don’t know what our destiny is, so we strive to be the best we can be and pray to God it is enough.

After all, He is the Most Wise, the All-Knowing and the Most Merciful.

final whisper: “….and whoever sets up partners with Allah (God) in worship, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin” [al-Nisa’ 4:48]

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I’ll meet you in Heaven, because it’s as easy as ABC


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