01 May

Mosque is the centre of dakwah to non-Muslims, centre of reminding Muslims about Allah and the orders of Allah. It is also the centre of learning and teaching Muslim about the orders of Allah and a centre of worship. It is also an administrative centres as well as the social centre for the communities that live in the locality of the Mosque. Mosque must take the responsibilities to administer the affairs of Muslims as well as the non-Muslims in the locality. In order to enable the mosques to administer the affairs of all the people in the locality, every Mosque must have all the important particulars of every individual in the locality that includes age, marital status, the level of education achieved and the expertise owned by each individual in the locality. In this way, every mosque will have the information of each individual in the locality and the Ministry of Mosque will have the information of each individual in Malaysia. In this way all the information of everyone who is the citizen of Malaysia and live in Malaysia are within the knowledge of the Malaysian government. With this data, the government can have better utilization of human resources and better plan on human and physical development of the country.

All money given to all the mosques in Malaysia during Friday prayer and other times deposited in a special bank known as Mosque Bank. The Money collected can be use only for the development of all the Mosques in Malaysia such as building new mosques, making extension of Mosques and paying salaries to the workers of the Mosque. The money can also be use to invest in economic and social activities that can generate income to the Mosques. In this way, all our Mosques will become self sufficient in managing the Mosques. Malaysian Government must treat all Mosques as an outlet to reach every single individual Muslims or non-Muslims in the country. Our government must use the Mosques as an outlet to help all individuals in the country. Everyone, including Muslims and non-Muslims must have a Mosque that takes care of their wellbeing. A person, Muslim or non-Muslims who does not have a job, school to attend to, or business to do or about to divorce or want to marry and who has many problems socially and economically can go to their Mosques and seek help.

In case the Mosque cannot solve his or her problems then the Mosque will have to refer the case to the appropriate government and non-government agencies that can solve their problems. Mosques will have links to all agencies that can help to solve each individual problem in the communities. Any person who is referred by an authorize person of the Mosque to any agencies is a genuine case. The agencies must take immediate actions on the case referred to them by the Mosque. Anyone who has any problem can go to his or her Mosques and the Mosques will in turn; link them to those agencies that can help them to solve their problems. In this way every single individuals in every locality of every Mosques in Malaysia is taken care by the government. In this way, all the Mosques become the link for the government to reach the people and the people will use the Mosque to reach the government. This is indeed the government for the people and the people themselves are the government.

Among the important economic activities, that all Mosques in Malaysia should invest is health care and supermarket. All Mosques in all localities should have at least one clinic, one pharmacy and one supermarket. The clinic and the pharmacy preferably opened near the Mosques. The clinic should be able to treat disease of the mind, body and soul holistically. Later on, the clinic can expand to include dental and optometric clinic. In other words, the clinic can treat diseases of the body as well as behaviors of the people. The clinic should be able to cure disease as well as to treat symptoms of diseases. All individuals in the locality who has body diseases as well as bad behaviors can obtain treatment from the clinic with costs charged according to the income level of the individuals. Although the poor and the students charged with minimum fees, but they still can obtain the medical treatment given to the well to do peoples of the communities. The medical bill of the poor is subsidies by the Mosque. The Mosque can use the profit generated from the business to help the poor and the needy in the locality.

Other important economic activities that the Mosque can invest are supermarket. The supermarkets should be convenience grocery stores where people can buy using phones and internet, and goods delivered to their houses. The supermarket should open twenty-four hours a day and goods delivered to their houses in case their houses are in the locality of the Mosque. People can also buy the goods by themselves and the supermarket delivered the goods to their houses. All the products in the supermarket directly supplied by home industries, factories and farms own by the government. As goods sold to the supermarket directly come from home industries, the government factories and farms, the price of the goods will be very cheap; the quality is good and affordable to everyone.

Everyone in the locality of the Mosque will be encouraged to do home industries, and sold their product to the supermarket. In this way, everyone in the locality can become productive and prosperous. When all the peoples in Malaysia become productive, there will be more business activities and opportunities and the people become more prosperous. Prosperity means the income of an average Malaysian increase, the price of goods decreased and their buying power increased. All the poor and the destitute certified by the Mosques can be supplied free with food by the supermarket. All the male workers of the supermarket are the workers of the mosque. They give times to the Mosques and participate in the activities of the Mosque at least two hour and thirty minutes in a day. The profit from the supermarket business can be use to help the needy and the poor in the locality.

Every Mosque also handles the payment of zakat of every Muslims in the locality. The Mosque will collect the zakat and gives to Pusat Zakat, which in turn will distribute the zakat money through the Mosques in every locality. The Mosques officers are responsible to recognize those in the localities who are eligible to receive zakat. Similarly, the Mosque will handle the collection of zakat fitrah and gives the zakat money to Pusat Zakat, which in turn will distribute the zakat money through the Mosques in every locality. The Mosques becomes the centre of almost all activities of all people in the localities. When they are in need of help, they will go to the mosques, irrespective whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. When they want to marry and to divorce, they will also come to the Mosques to receive counseling or treatment .When they have arguments and misunderstanding between them they also come to the Mosques. They also go to the Mosque, when they have disobeyed the orders of Allah and want to receive advice and guidance. Mosques will be the centre of all activities of all the people of the localities. The communities that centre their activities to the Mosques will be blessed and help by Allah. Mosques is the house of Allah and whoever frequent the Mosques will become the guest of Allah and all their request will be entertained by Allah. Please read my other articles about mosque CLICK , CLICK , CLICK , CLICK , CLICK and please read my articles about the work of dakwah CLICK.

Dr.Nasoha Saabin
April 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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