To be Muslim, you need to live like one

27 Apr

by Ikram Kurdi

Reflection time
Photo source.

This is reminder to myself and everyone that Islam is meant to be a way of life:

I’ve seen people who live as non-Muslims, think and behave like non-Muslims, but try to make up for it by giving money to Islamic charities, or by staying up on the night of Qadr. This misses the whole point of Islam.

What is the use of an Islam that doesn’t purify your heart, that doesn’t change your behavior? Doing Islamic acts of worship when a person doesn’t live as a Muslim doesn’t come from piety, it comes from greed: The person thinks he or she can enjoy this world in non-Muslim ways, and still have a good afterlife by doing these Islamic acts.

One cause of this problem is our imams, they keep telling us about these huge acts of worship that put prostitutes and all kinds of evil people into Paradise.

My advice to you: Get your Islamic knowledge and inspiration from the Quran, not from speakers and imams. I’m not saying imams are bad (far from it), they mean well, but their words can be very confusing, and they may cause you to focus on the wrong things (doing ‘good’ deeds instead of living like a Muslim).

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To be Muslim, you need to live like one


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