Heaven Is Under Mother’s Feet

Devotion To Her Is Obligatory Even After Her Death

1. The Qur’an says in Surah Luqman: “Thank Me and thank your parents.”

2. Hadrat Abdullah bin Mas’ud (R.D.A.) says he asked the Prophet: “What is the best act which is most dear to Allah?” He replied: “To say one’s prayers at the proper time”. He was again asked: “And after that?” He replied: “To treat one’s parents well”. He was asked once again: “And after that?” The Prophet replied: “To wage Jihad in the way of God”. (Bukhari and Muslim)

3. Hadrat Abdullah bin Qais has reported that a person came to the Prophet and sought permission to fight in the way of Allah. The Prophet asked: “Are your parents alive?” He replied in the affirmative. Upon this the Prophet said: “The reward of Jihad lies in service to them”. (Bukhari and Muslim)

4. Once the Prophet said: “Heaven lies under mother’s feet”. (Tabarani)

5. A person said to the Prophet: “0 apostle of Allah, is any service due to one’s parents after their death?” The Prophet replied: “Yes, saying one’s prayers, seeking forgiveness of one’s parents, fulfilling any promise made by them, treating well those related to them and respecting their friends. All these are included in the service due to them after their death”. (Abu Da’ud)

6. Anyone who desires increase in livelihood and length of life. should treat well one’s relatives and parents. (Ahmad)

7. It is reported by Hadrat Abu Huraira (R.D.A.) that someone asked the Prophet who should be given preference in good treatment. He replied: “The mother”. The inquirer asked: Who else?” He again replied: “The mother”. After mentioning the mother thrice he said: “The father”. (Bukhari and Muslim)

8. Allah’s pleasure lies in the pleasure of one’s parents and His anger also lies therein. (Bukhari)

9. Someone said to, the Prophet: “0 apostle of Allah, l have committed, a great sin. Can l be forgiven?” The Prophet replied: “Is your mother alive?” He said, “Yes”. The Prophet then said: “Go and treat her well”. (Tirmizi)

10. The greatest of major sins is to associate anyone with Allah and to disobey one’s parents. (Bukhari and Muslim)

11. Heaven is denied to three persons, one of whom is he who disobeys his parent. (Ahmad)

12. Not a single obligatory Nafl (supernumerary) of one disobedient to his parents is accepted. (Ibn Asim)

13. The Prophet said: “One of the major sins is to abuse one’s parents”. The Companions asked: “How is it possible for anyone to abuse one’s parents?” He replied: “To abuse another’s parents is tantamount to abusing one’s own parents because when you abusse other men’s parents, they would abuse yours in retaliation”. (Muslim, Bukhari and Abu Da’ud)

14. Punishment of every sin and chastisement of every offense can be deferred but the sin of disobeying one’s parents is so serious that its punishment is awarded before death. (Hakim)

15. “People ask you as to what they should spend. Tell them that whatever you spend the first who are entitled to it are your parents”. (Al-Baqara: 215)

16. “And treat well your parents”. (Bani Israel)

17. “And speak respectfully to them (your parents)”. (Bani Israel)

18. “And bend before them with great humility and courtesy”. (Bani Israel)

19. “And pray: Lord, have mercy on them both, the way they have brought me up in childhood”. (Bani Israel)

20. “And we have enjoined men to, treat their parents well (in the first instance, the mother). His mother bore him with such difficulty and suffered so much in giving him birth”. (AI-Ahqaf)

21. “And if both put pressure on you that you should join them in Shirk (un-Islamic act) for which you have actually no, reason, then do not obey them at all (but) treat them well in life: only follow that path which leads up to Me. You have to return at last to Me. Then I will tell you what you have been doing”. (Luqman: 15)

Thanks to : Quran-u-Huda

From : Faizur AMB


Author: S.E.A.Mohamed Ali. "nidurali"

S.E.A.Mohamed Ali (Jinnah)B.A.,B.L., (nidurali) Nidur. Indeed all the praises are due to Allah, we praise him and we seek his assistance and forgiveness, and we seek refuge in Allah. https://aboutme.google.com/?referer=gplus

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  1. That was very interesting. I just happened upon your website when I was in the middle of doing studying with the computer. I just wanted to let you know I like your website and keep on doing what you’re doin. Remember… enjoy the adventure, don’t put too much emphasis on the final result. -Derek

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