Female pastor converts to Islam after listening to Dr Zakir Niak’s lecture in Gambia

Kololi (Gambia): A 54-year-old female pastor was on Wednesday evening converted to Islam by the world renowned Islamic scholar and expert in comparative religion, Dr Zakir Naik, coming barely less than 24 hours after the terrific orator delivered his fourth and final lecture at the Kairaba Beach Hotel in Kololi, The Gambia.

Juliet Cole, now Haddijatou Cole, is a Gambian and had served for 14 years as a pastor. She made the pronouncement before a dozens of top Gambian clerics and Cabinet ministers during a dinner hosted in hour of the visiting scholar.
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Days before election Maharashtra state appoints popular faces in Minority commission and Wakf board

By A. Mirsab,,

Mumbai: A day before the Election Commission announced dates for the assembly elections in Maharashtra; the state government appointed Muslim popular faces into 3 important minority institution s- Wakf Board, Minority Commission and Maulana Azad Economic Corporation.

State government issued notification with the names on Thursday which include well known personalities from Ulema and community thinkers. Three members were appointed in state wakf board, two in Maulana Azad Economic Corporation and four in state minority commission.

Maharashtra Minority commission members

Ex-Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Vastanvi, Shia cleric Zaheer Abbas Rizvi (Mumbai) and Muhammad Mahboob Shaikh (Aurangabad) have been given responsibilities of the state wakf board. These posts were vacant since long time.
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Muslim scientists of the world

Dear brothers of Islam
If you see in this photographs

There is a great fact is hidden behind this.
Allah subuhanahuthaal has uplifting this ummate-Muhammadiya by following the tradition of the beloved prophet salallahu alaihivassalam only. All this scientists have an unity . All of them having beard and wearing turbans.
May Allah grant toufiq to follow Nabi (salallahu alaihivassalam) hundred percent in all our aspect of life Ameen.

Please click to download Muslim scientist W
Jazakaallah khairan kasiran wassalam
Anas mohideen
From: anas1967

by mail from: Muduvai Hidayath


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Education of Muslim children

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It is primarily the responsibility of Muslim parents to educate their Muslim children. During the era of scholars such as Imam Malik, Imam As-Shafi’, Imam Sufyan-at-Thawri, and others, you hear them talking about their mothers teaching them the memorization of the Quran, fiqh, the hadeeth, etc., at home. That was the norm back then. We need to revive it to move forward.

Dr. Bilal Philips

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Ramadan- Day 26

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5 things to do on Laylatul Qadr

Allahu_Akbar5 things to do on Laylatul Qadr

So valuable is this Night of Qadr that the Quran devotes a special surah to it “Lailatul Qadr is better than a thousand months” [97:3]

This one night surpasses the value of 30,000 nights. The most authentic account of the occurrence of the Night indicates that it can occur on any one of the last ten, odd numbered nights of Ramadan, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29.
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Checklist – The Last Ten Nights and Days of Ramadan…

In this blessed month of Ramadan, we have now come to the grand finale – the last ten days of Ramadan that are even more blessed than the rest of Ramadan. In it is a night that Quran tells us is better than 1000 months (yes, months – not days).

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

There has come to you Ramadan, a blessed month which Allah has enjoined you to fast, during which the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed, and the rebellious devils are chained up. In it there is a night which is better than a thousand months, and whoever is deprived of its goodness is indeed deprived.” Narrated by al-Nasa’i, 2106; Ahmad, 8769. classed as saheeh by al-Albani in Saheeh al-Targheeb, 999.
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